Medi și puiul de lăstun

Medi, cu ochiul sticlos şi clonţul ei mare cât veacul, trăncăneşte despre moarte şi viaţă puiul de lăstun aşteaptă lămurirea.

Ultimul jucător al Ripensiei a plecat puţin

Gheorghe Glisici, extrema stânga a juniorilor Ripensiei Timişoara, a plecat să reîntregească echipa celestă. A fost ultimul supravieţuitor al epocii când cluburile româneşti jucau de la egal la egal cu marile formaţii europene.

Italia sub zodia celor “5 stele”

Mişcarea “5 stele,” ultranaţionalistă, înfiinţată în anul 2009 de comediantul italian Beppe Grillo,  a obţinut ieri, conform Exit-Poll-urilor, 29% din sufragiile alegătorilor din cizmă.

Ruga lui Ezicăprar

Penalii scoate-i la raport, femeie, cu denunţuri scrijelite pe beţe de cort, adu-i ruşinaţi în lanţuri,

Cruduţa şi Marele Urs

Cruduța era un vrej în pădure. Licuricii și fluturii de noapte au vegheat-o. Unchiul Sam, stăpânul pădurii, a avut grijă ca ea să fie udată, tunsă, frezată și pregătită pentru ziua venirii Marelui Urs. Te-ai fi așteptat să i se citeşte

Forgive those who trespass against us

The Passion Week is a time for meditation and forgiveness. It is a time for meekness, through prayer, for introspection. It’s a time for confession, for doing away with sins and for searching the right things to do.
We do not know whether the current rulers found the time, between two tenders and an exchange of curses, for seeking the angels’ forgiveness. We only see pharisees walking on the middle of the road with icons bearing political signatures. They put their name next to our Savior, just like Judas put his lips once on His cheek, at the beginning of time.
With more mercy in his soul, the man who made his peace with the times, but whose steady hope made him victorious, can more easily win his right to penitence. He is purer, meeker, and therefore closer to God. Everybody in the mother land knows that better means higher. Higher meaning being close to Him, the only one who could give the blessing. The individual is a fearful creature and that is why such moments bring him closer to holy things. He has a simple way of seeing things, with the Passion Week teaching him that this is a time for merciless, for searching his relation to God.
These days are beautiful because, more than any other time, we can behold our salvation by the way we come before out father. The Bible calls the relation between us and God as reconciliation. By achieving this, we change ourselves, we switch from one condition to another. We throw away the burden of sin so that we can become more spiritualised, become better, more just, in our search for the Truth. And for what we are and what we will be.
A few of us hurry through open markets with TV cameras recording their every move, sharing electoral gifts and styling themselves as merciful people for the appearances’ sake. They know very well that the support of the ordinary people can only be won by pretending to be an angel. Such people would only go into a church provided that they are followed by crowds, they only kiss crosses if they are in the limelight, they only pray if they are accompanied by the servants of a truth dictated by them. Everything that is false eventually surfaces like oil in water. It will, however, do for the nation’s wick. On the eve of a great holiday there is always more need for oil.
It is now that we wash ourselves from our bodily dirt not only to become better looking, more neat, to improve our image, but to be more properly prepared to receive forgiveness. We do not wear our new clothes just to we can look better, but to honor those around us by showing them our gratitude. We confess our sins so that we can find our peace. But they, the nation’s elect, who they can confess their sins to since they already hold both the places for preach and those for belief?!
We forgive those around us because we, in our turn, were forgiven. It is only the good people who have the sense od responsibility, of introspection, for Christian forgiveness is, first of all, a matter of conscience.
We forgive those who trespass against us for they upset God too much. Jesus set the world on the right path by taking the burden of the others’ sins upon himself.
The Christian people knows that “His body was killed, but He revived in Spirit”.

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